A Message for all who are out to use the Sonichu Name!

From Christian Weston Chandler,
Original Creator of Sonichu, and related characters and materials.

I just want to inform all persons, fans of Sonichu or otherwise, that Sonichu was originally Created on March 17, 2000, and I have a copyright on my faithful Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon.  I am very proud to share my Sonichu with the people who appreciate my creativity in Sonichu's world.

I often do a "Search" of "Sonichu," and, currently, and I only want to see links to my Sonichu Site, or related sites.  If I see links to websites with any person who has used his name, I will view it.  If I should see the "Sonichu" name used to describe any character, other than my original Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon, I will send you an E-Mail to inform you if you have intruded into
Copyrighted territory, and request that you remove the name from your website, or forum entry, and change it to something else.  If, however, you do not abide to the request, or not reply to the E-mail within 14 days, I may take legal action against you.

I am not a mean person, and I am not out to start any trouble, so please do not use the Sonichu name in vain.
If, however, you would like to create a fan website to describe my Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon, please send me an E-Mail to
CWCSonichu@aol.com with information, and link, about your fan site.  I will view your fan site, and if I like it,
I, Christian Weston Chandler, will send you an approval E-Mail.  And you may keep your website up on the web.  If I find it offensive, I, Christian Weston Chandler, will send you an E-mail asking you to either change the content to something else, or remove the website from the web.

Also, if you would like to see Sonichu as a real video game, or catch him in a Pokemon title, please send your request to
Nintendo of America, inc., or Nintendo Power magazine; please raise the hype on Sonichu so that I will be able to legally talk to the people of Nintendo of America, inc., and make a deal.

Sonichu and I, Christian Weston Chandler, thank you for following the Legal Guidelines expressed here.  I sincerely hope that you enjoy the stories of my Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon.  And I also hope that you will voice your hype and interest about Sonichu, and my world of Cwcville, to Nintendo of America, inc., so Sonichu can become a video game, cartoon (or anime), and all that other neat stuff.

Have a Zappin' Day!

This has been a message from Christian Weston Chandler, Original Creator of Sonichu.
All Sonichu Material is Copyrighted, March 2000-2005 by Christian Weston Chandler