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*Any names, or persons, illustrated in any of the Sonichu Comics, except that of Christian Weston Chandler, that may seem similar to anyone in real life,
are purely coincidental, or otherwise parodic.*
*Megagi La Skunk was originally thought up or drawn by Megan Schroeder.
*Jiggliami was originall thought up by Blanca (AKA) Kawaii Kitsune.
*Some images within the Elevator Sketch were borrowed from the Encyclopedia Dramatica website.
*The Censoring Star, Banana and Lemon wedge were borrowed from Wikipedia.
*Also, Jason Kendrick Howell and his 17-year old girlfriend, Kathleen Nicole Wallace in this comic are BASED on the REAL PEOPLE,
and they both HAVE actually done things together that would be classified as Illegal in the USA; Send the police on them in Clarksville, Tennesse.