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Issue #2  February, 2004

*Very Special Bulletin*

On February 24, 2004, Christian Chandler will turn 22 years old!  His 21st was not so great.  So share some happiness with him by wishing him a Happy Birthday!

The Introduction of
Sonichu & The Chaotic Combo

Sonichu has gone a long way ever since it evolved from a Pikachu (See Sonichu’s Story on CWC’s Sonichu Site!)  He gets a girlfriend, an Evil Twin, and now more than enough friends to make a powerful team, the Chaotic Combo.  Let’s meet the hedgehogs…

Yellow electric hedgehog Pokemon.  The original and one-and-only, he runs faster than the speed of sound.  When danger is near, he will slice and zap it up.
Pink electric hedgehog Pokemon.  The original cutie.  She is Sonichu’s girlfriend.  Even though she can’t run as fast as Sonichu, she still can zap up some power when in danger.
Wild Sonichu
Green electric/grass hedgehog Pokemon.  2nd in command of the Chaotic Combo.  He was raised by a Venusaur, and has a perfect Razor Leaf attack (with a dash of lightning).
Bubbles the Rosechu 
Blue electric/water hedgehog Pokemon.  Optimistic and full of energy, when she feels happy, she will tell everyone.  She was raised by a mother Swampert who taught her how to create tidal waves.
Angelica the Rosechu
White electric/flying hedgehog Pokemon.  She usually remains peaceful and calm, and she prays every night.  Angelica was raised in a church by some nuns.
Punchy the Sonichu
Red electric/fighting hedgehog Pokemon.  Punchy is very strong and full of random weird humor.  He lost his tail in a fight.  He was raised in a dojo in Japan.
Magi-Chan the Sonichu  Purple electric/psychic hedgehog Pokemon.  He has telekinetic powers, and he can bend anything with his mind. Black Sonichu (aka Blachu)  Black electric hedgehog Pokemon.  He was cloned from Sonichu’s DNA, with an accidental dose of Cherry Cola, in Giovanni’s evil lab.  Blachu can run as fast as Sonichu, but of course, they don’t see spark-to-spark.


Top 5 Websites:

5.  Yahoo.com…http://www.yahoo.com
4.  Tripod.com…http://www.tripod.com
3.  Google.com…http://www.google.com
2.  PVCC…http://www.pvcc.edu
*1.  CWC’s Sonichu Site!...http://sonichuchandler.tripod.com/cwcson.htm


Christian W. Chandler is 21 (22 as of February 24, 2004) and single seeking a Single Female Companion of the following qualities:

*18-21 years of age (18-22 as of February 24, 2004).  *Does not already have a boyfriend.  *Single.  *Blonde or Brunette  *Average or Slender body type.  *Does NOT smoke and/or drink alcohol.  *5’ or taller.  *Lives in Charlottesville or Ruckersville area.  *White.  *Average to High income.  *Drives a vehicle.  *Happy, Positive Personality.  *A Caring girl.

*Christian is a very shy, and very thoughtful, person, and will only accept person-to-person encounters (No E-Mails or Phone Calls).  So if you are interested, he can be found around Piedmont Virginia Community College, or Fashion Square Shopping Center.  When getting his attention, approach and say hi to him.  Do NOT flirt from a distance; he will not be able to notice.  To find Christian, he’ll be wearing the Sonichu Medallion.

Sonichu’s Poetry Corner

*Hard Love Quest*
By. Christian W. Chandler
January 18, 2004

Here you see, a sad and lonesome Christian C.  Without girlfriend love he feels an older age, as he is still “Stuck as a virgin with rage.”  He search low and high to the end, the only delay is the fear of being already beaten by a BOYFRIEND.  Why do all the girls have to be already taken… a real shame, boyfriends of all girls of possible matches for me are really LAME.  As I sit and sigh, I watch the girls go by.  Afraid of a lame intersecption, I sit out in the open without hesitation.  Matching Girl descriptions are free, I wish one girl would notice and approach me.  It would be way past cool, per-say, if I could get a girlfriend by Valentine’s Day.  But for now as you see, I am a sad and lonesome “C.”

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