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Issue #3  March, 2004

Sonichu Gets Another Year in March!

Thatís right, Sonichu gets another year older on his Birthday on March 17, 2004.  He was born with a dream of running around the world with speed and electric ecstasy!

Article submitted by Sonichu 

Anime Review: Excel on Excel Saga

Excel Saga is a wacky anime with parodies, an energetic girl, Excel, the ideological commander of ACROSS, Illpalazzo, a wandering soul, Pedro, and many other characters.  The story is that it is a saga where Excel must suffer numerous hard adventures to realize ACROSSí plan of conquest over a corrupted world.

Excel Saga has a total of 26 episodes on a set of 6 DVDs.  If I had to pick a favorite episode, Iíd pick episode 17 where Excel travels to America where she describes the differences between Anime and American Animation.  She also does an excellent parody to the classic Anime, 
Sailor Moon, in this episode. 

Review by. Christian Chandler.

Sonichu Can Power-Up!

It has been discovered that the electric hedgehog Pokemon, Sonichu, can get much stronger by being exposed to the 7 Chaos Emeralds.  After exposure, he transforms into Ultra Sonichu.  In this mode, he can fly sky-high and let out the most powerful electric attacks!  Unfortunately itís only temporary.


Top 5 Websites:

5.  The Adventures of Scratch and GrounderÖ
4.  Andyís Speedway (a Sonic Site)Öhttp://www.geocities.com/Bonkerz808/index.html
3.  Darkest Mysteries (a Knuckles Site)Öhttp://darkmysteries.ionichost.com
2.  Cute~N~Crazy! (an Amy Rose Site)Öhttp://amyrosehedgehog.cjb.net
*1.  CWCís Sonichu Site!...http://sonichuchandler.tripod.com/cwcson.htm


Christian W. Chandler is 22 and single seeking a Single Female Companion of the following qualities:

*18-22 years of age.  *Does not already have a boyfriend.  *Single.  *Blonde or Brunette  *Average or Slender body type.  *Does NOT smoke and/or drink alcohol.  *5í or taller.  *Lives in Charlottesville or Ruckersville area.  *White.  *Average to High income.  *Drives a vehicle.  *Happy, Positive Personality.  *A Caring girl.

*Christian is a very shy, and very thoughtful, person, and will only accept person-to-person encounters (No E-Mails or Phone Calls).  So if you are interested, he can be found around Piedmont Virginia Community College, or Fashion Square Shopping Center.  When getting his attention, approach and say hi to him.  Do NOT flirt from a distance; he will not be able to notice.  To find Christian, heíll be wearing the Sonichu Medallion.

Sonichuís Poetry Corner

*My Big 18th Party*
By. Christian W. Chandler
February 10, 2003

I will never forget my eighteenth birthday party; it was the best of the rest.  The weekend before my real birthday, my mother and I prepared for the party I was going to host that day.  We hung balloons and streamers, and we laid refreshments on the table.  At the door was four of my high school *amigas, and one of them brought a friend.  We ate pepperoni pizza and drank Pepsi, it was great.  As mother lit the candles, I was filling up with ecstasy.  After I blew the candles, I was presented withÖ a big jawbreaker from Kellie, an R.L. Stine novel from Sarah, a planer with stickers from Miranda and a rabbit doll with jelly beans from Tiffany.  We watched Good Burger and had fun.  After they left, it was done.  What did I wish for?
Iím not telling.  8)

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