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Issue #6  November/December, 2004

We wish you a Merry Christmas! 

The Christmas Rush

The Christmas season is upon us, and with that comes the rush for the C-Mas Turkey, Tree (real or artificial), and of course, the presents.  So, Sonichu and the News Dash have some helpful tips to give a better feel of the season to all.

  • If your children, or spouse, want some video games, but no toys, buy some toys anyway, they will be surprised.  We recommend any of Lego sets, Transformers and Dolls.
• Wrap the presents anyway, because they always want to rip up the wrapping paper like a candy bar.
• Always remember that Christmas is the celebration of family, so never leave out any relatives from your festivities.
• If you do not have a family, then find a friend to share C-Mas with.

Single, Lonesome and Very Depressed

  While all have families, so does he.  While all men have Girlfriends, this man does not, and he is very depressed about it.  “Since Agust, 2003,” Christian Weston Chandler said, “I’ve been trying to attract a Boyfriend-Free, 18-22-year old girl.”  His methods were sound and well-thought; simple signs, looking cool, and “chilling” in the most social places.  His one fault, that has restricted him from finding the Ms. Right, he had a major case of Noviophobia, where he is afraid to even approach most ladies, because he thought that they were all already paired up with “A Jerk.”  His thoughts are sound as the Boyfriend Factor is so high, it leaves him with no pretty ladies to choose from.  So, if there are any pretty ladies without a…Boyfriend, you can find this lonesome prince hanging at the Fashion Square mall Saturday afternoons, in front of Ambercrombie & Fitch.  Don’t let his friendly smile fool you; he is hurting inside.  Please help Chris have a Happy Holiday.

Sonichu Comic Book is in the Works

Sonichu’s father, Christian Chandler, is working on a Sonichu comic book.  It will be hand-drawn, as most comics are.  And it will feature “Sonichu’s Origin,” the “Genesis of the Lovehogs,” and “Sonichu’s First Big Battle.”  It will also include exclusive introductory content into Chris’s world, as well as Sonichu’s world.  Chris said that his target date is before June, 2005, the month of the Anime Mid-Atlantic Convention in Richmond, VA; he plans to be there.  So, if you’ve been a Sonichu fan up to then, come find him at the convention, and he will be happy to share the hand-drawn stories of Sonichu!

*Sonichu cover provided by Author, Christian Weston Chandler.

Wicked Witch of PVCC Gives to Cwcville?

Hslaw Eel Yram, who previously shattered hearts and souls, is handing out presents at Cwcville’s Christmas Tree lighting?  Odd, but true, and when interviewed, she had this to say, “After three months in prison, I became rehabilitated and more happy to give joy to those I’ve hurt.”  Then we asked her about her oldest victim, Christian Chandler, she said, “I plan to give him a surprise on Christmas Eve, a heart-felt apology.”  Well, I guess we’ll see if she will be true to her word on the night before Christmas.

Jolly Song Corner

I Want a Girlfriend for Christmas
By. Christmas W. Chandler
December 4, 2004

I want a girlfriend for Christmas, now and forevermore.
I want a girlfriend for Christmas, so I won’t be lonely anymore.
She should be 18-22.
And she ought to be Boyfriend-Free too.
Why do all the Jerks get all the pretty girls,
Leaving me with none to choose from.
I want a girlfriend for Christmas, to share my love, oh.
I want a girlfriend for Christmas, to kiss under the mistletoe.


Christian W. Chandler is 22 and single seeking a Single Female Companion of the following qualities:

*18-22 years of age.  *Does not already have a boyfriend.  *Single.  *Blonde or Brunette  *Average or Slender body type.  *Does NOT smoke and/or drink alcohol.  *5’ or taller.  *Lives in Charlottesville or Ruckersville area.  *White.  *Average to High income.  *Drives a vehicle.  *Happy, Positive Personality.  *A Caring girl.  *She has to be pretty.

If you wish to learn more about Christian C, look up his
"SonichuCWC" profile on Match.com.

*Christian is a very shy, and very thoughtful, person, and will only accept person-to-person encounters (No E-Mails or Phone Calls).  So if you are interested, he can be found around Piedmont Virginia Community College, or Fashion Square Shopping Center.  When getting his attention, approach and say hi to him.  Do NOT flirt from a distance; he will not be able to notice.  To find Christian, he’ll be wearing the Sonichu Medallion.

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