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Issue #8  March/April, 2004

Courtesy of Nintendo Power, April, 2005 issue.

Free Personal AD in Nintendo Power Magazine!

I, Christian Weston Chandler, have sent an E-Mail to Nintendo Power’s “Players’ Pulse” section on January 9, 2005, in response to Nintendo DS’s Sprung game (scanned pages shown above).  After receiving my copy of the April, 2005 issue, I was pleasantly surprised to find my E-Mail printed in the “Players’ Pulse” section, with the screen shot (shown to the bottom-right), which I find very appropriate to my current situation.  The girl on top says, “YOU BETTER GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE MY BOYFRIEND KICKS YOUR ***!”  Although, there are a couple of fixes to mend in their print out: the fear I was referring to should be “NOVIOPHOBIA,” not “NOIOPHOBIA.”  Also, since February 24, 2005, I am now 23-years old, and I am looking for an 18-23-year old, Boyfiend-Free, Datable Girl whom I can love and trust.  Also, a little time after using the teachings of Sprung, my fear came back like a boomerang.

DS=Dating Service
(As quoted from the April, 2005 issue of Nintendo Power Magazine)
“I recently purchased a Nintendo DS and a copy of Sprung.  I originally bought the game, because I needed some lessons on what to say to, or do for, a girl.  To make a long story short, I developed a fear that all the pretty girls are already paired up with a boyfriend.  I’ve dubbed this social phobia, Noviophobia, after the Spanish word for boyfriend.  Anyway, before Sprung, I was afraid to approach most wome (FYI, I’m 22-years old).  I tried to silently attract a boyfriend-free girl, mostly with signs, for over one year and four months.  Then Sprung provided me with general things to say and do, so I felt more confident.  When I tried my new-found expressions from the dating simulator, I forgot my fear of the infinitely high boyfriend factor, and I met a couple of lady friends with whom I feel more comfortable.  So thank you, Nintendo and Ubisoft, for the dating advice that this frustrated virgin needed."
Christian C.
Via the Internet
From Virginia

CWC Had a Happy Birthday Party

Christian Chandler had originally planned to have his party on Thursday, February 24, but then it got snowed out, so it was changed to Saturday, February 26.  His party was located at the Fashion Square Shopping Center in Charlottesville, Virginia, by the tree between Abercrombie & Fitch and Pacific Sunwear.  A couple of his new-found gal-pals, who all already have Boyfriends, or are otherwise undatable, due to her religion, came by to his party and have partaken in the lovely cake and Mello Yello soda pop.  They also gave him a very nice present too.  His parents were also there, with a present as well, and they told a couple of interesting stories of Christian.  Christian, his parents, and his friends, all had a good time, which makes up for Christian’s snowed out 23rd Birthday.


Christian W. Chandler is 23 and single seeking a Single Female Companion of the following qualities:

*18-23 years of age.  *Does not already have a boyfriend.  *Single.  *Blonde or Brunette  *Average or Slender body type.  *Does NOT smoke and/or drink alcohol.  *5’ or taller.  *Lives in Charlottesville or Ruckersville area.  *White.  *Average to High income.  *Drives a vehicle.  *Happy, Positive Personality.  *A Caring girl.  *She has to be pretty.

If you wish to learn more about Christian C, look up his
"SonichuCWC" profile on Match.com.

*Christian is a very shy, and very thoughtful, person, and will only accept person-to-person encounters (No E-Mails or Phone Calls).  So if you are interested, he can be found around Piedmont Virginia Community College, or Fashion Square Shopping Center.  When getting his attention, approach and say hi to him.  Do NOT flirt from a distance; he will not be able to notice.  To find Christian, he’ll be wearing the Sonichu Medallion.

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