As sourced by Nintendo Power Volume 169 (Soul Calibur 2 issue), here's...

Top 10 Reasons GCN beats the pants off PS2 and Xbox!

10.  The handle.  Okay, so it's a little goofy, but imagine trying to take an Xbox with you to a friend's house or on vacation.  You would need an industrial crane and a parking permit.

9.  It only plays games.  That's right.  Anyone tell you that playing DVDs on a game console is a benefit has never had someone monopolize the machind for hours playing Meg Ryan movies while the rental game you have to return in three hours gathers dust.

8.  It's more powerful than PS2.  PS2 has slower processors and its graphics are noticeably inferior to the GCN's.  Sorry...there's nothing very funny about that.

7.  Gone platinum.  The Platinum GCN is a work of art, shiny and sophisticated.  PS2 and Xbox look like every other piece of electronics hardware created in the past 20 years, and dust really shows up on those black casings.

6.  Controller design.  The PS2 Controller has way too many buttons, and the Xbox Controller was designed for a giant or an octopus.  Ah, but the GCN Controller is elegant and practical...an extension of the human spirit; an epiphany on plastic; the ultimate interface between mind, body and technology.

5.  Experience.  Nintendo has consistently produced the highest quality video games for more than two decades dating back to Donkey Kong.  You can bet that Nintendo will continue to do so in the future.  Twenty years ago, Sony was making Betamas tape machines and Microsoft hadn't even come up with Windows.  What will they be doing tomorrow?

4.  The incredible freedom of the WaveBird Controller.  You can even play from the bathroom.  Let freedom ring!

3.  Game Boy Player.  Mor than a hundred million people have Game Boys, and we suspect that most of them own a game or two.  With the Game Boy Player, all those millions of deserving games will be able to play their games on Nintendo Gamecube as well as on their Game Boys.

2.  Connectivity.  Sony and Microsoft can't do it because they don't have Game Boy.  They have robotic dogs and word processors.  Let's face it, they're not really game companies.  But Nintendo does only games, which is why Nintendo innovates ways to play...linking consoles, swiping cards, visiting villages filled with animals and sailing the high sean in a talking boat.

1.  Exclusivity.  The GCN offers The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (E), Metroid Prime (T), Resident Evil Zero (M), Super Mario Sunshine (E), Eternal Darkness (M), Animal Crossing (E), Star Fox Adventures (T), Final Fantasy: Crystal Chrinicles (E), Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (M), Mario Kart Double Dash (E), Metroid 2 (RP), Star Wars Togue Squadron 3: Rebel Strike (T), Pikmin 2 (RP), Resident Evil 4 (M), and Soul Calibur 2 (T) with Link as a fighter.  That's 15 out of over a hundred exclusive reasons GCN reigns supreme.  Try naming 15 exclusive hit PS2 titles.  As for Xbox, you can count the number of exclusive hit titles on one finger.

Those are the wise words from Nintendo Power, and I, and many others, agree with them 100%!  For more GCN and GBA news, visit Nintendo.com.

As for me, Christian W. Chandler, I have 3 reasons that GCN Rocks!  (from perspective observations).

3.  Sega and Nintendo combine to bring my dream of Sonic the Hedgehog on Game Boy to you (plus exclusive titles on GCN as well).

2.  More people that I have spoken to, at places like Gamestop, own a Gamecube, and/or preffered it over PS2 and Xbox.

1.  The PS2 and Xbox both stink on ice!

And I, CWC, salute Nintendo for the best quality in the Nintendo Gamecube. Thank you, and god-speed!