CWC's Future or Most Current Sonic Game (P)Reviews

Sega Smash Pack, 2002

Ecco the Dolphin:
Ecco's speed, sonar, and mammalian instincts are the only things that can rescue his dolphin friends and save the world.

Sonic Spinball
Help Sonic defeat the evil Dr. Robotnik in an addictive combination of Sonic style and pinball action.

Cheat:  Level Select:
In the Spinball's Options menu, press R, Down, L, Down, A, Down, R, L, Up, R, A, Up, L, A, Up (listen for fanfare).  Return to the Spinball title and:
Lava Powerhouse: Hold L, Press Start.
The Machine: Hold R, Press Start.
Showdown: Hold A, Press Start.

Golden Axe
Jump, slash, charge and cast magical spells to defeat Death Adder and his hordes of minions!  Or compete head-to-head in the multiplayer mode.

Rated: E.

Info and jpg's were provided by Sonic Central